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A pennsylvania Deutsch Family


The Immigrant Family of Georg Philip Ziegler

   The story of a brave family's perilous trip to America. Georg Philip Ziegler and his family sold all of their worldly belongings, land, livestock and home to set out on the journey of their lifetime. The journey began in early 1727 from the small village of Weiler am Steinsberg, Sinsheim, Baden, Germany. They arrived in Philadelphia, Pennaylvania on September 18th, 1727.

The Battle of Gettysburg Through the Eyes of Children

   Here are personal accounts of two Ziegler children, Hugh McClain Ziegler and Lydia Catherine (Ziegler) Clare, during the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-3, 1863. Their stories were written long after the battle but the emotions they felt are palpable. Their father Emanuel Ziegler was the steward of the Lutheran Theological Seminary and their mother, Sara Ann (Culp) Ziegler was matron during the battle.

A Zeigler Cowboy

   Noah Zeigler's family had settled in DeKalb County, Indiana. He was born there in 1858. His life's work was as a rancher and cowboy. When he died in 1940, the Oakley Graphic newspaper dedicated the front page to the story of Noah. "He was a friend to every man he met, and himself, an honorable man indeed", went one quote. He became friends with Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody and others when they boarded at his parents hotel in Abilene, Kansas.

JEB Stuart Ride

   John Eply Ziegler was known as "The richest man in Seven Valleys". He operated several large tracts of farms, he owned a brickmaking business and most importantly to this story, he owned a tavern. The tavern where J.E.B. Stuart, the Confederate Cavalry Commander decided to take a short rest and meet with his senior officers as he invaded Pennsylvania just before the Battle of Gettysburg.



More Stories Coming Soon.



   Ours is a relatively old family in America, normal in every respect. One might even conclude we're somewhat boring, and certainly very middle class. However, in our long history in America there have been events that make our family proud. These events, known now by almost no one, are worth recalling and disseminating.They are the reason for this website.

    My mother and father, Elaine and Allen Ziegler have spent the last 30 years plus, poking into every historical society where there might be a Ziegler (figuratively) buried. They have explored real cemetaries too, to find long lost and very dead and buried ancestors. This website is dedicated to my parents, for without their drive and persistence, the stories might never be heard again. In addition, literally, if not for them I would not be here today.

    The outcome of their long and hard work on the Hans Georg Ziegler Project is a book, now in its third edition, detailing the genealogy of our family from 1622 onwards. The stories you will read here come, mostly, from that book. If you would like to purchase a copy of Hans Georg Ziegler's Progress 1622-2007, please see the Contact Us page for details.

    The Ziegler surname has changed in some cases to be spelled Zeigler. Many Zeiglers and even some Ziglers are descended from the same progenitor, Georg Philip Ziegler who arrived in America with his family in 1727. A few of their stories are told below. No matter how the name is written we are one family undivided by spelling.

    On the left you will find stories from the archives of Allen & Elaine Ziegler. Some of these stories are important and should never be forgotten and others are just fun to read. Click on the title above the text of the story you would like to read.


The Ziegler House of 1774

The first permanent Ziegler home built on "The Barrens of Jericho" in West Manchester Township in York County, PA in 1774 by Johann Philip Ziegler (1714-1800).


The Datestone at the Ziegler House

The Date Stone of the Ziegler House
The text reads:

"Anno Domini
Den 19 Mai
Philip Ziegler"

Ziegler Bible

The Ziegler Bible purchased by Johann Philip Ziegler in 1740. It recorded the life events of the Ziegler family from 1740 through 1793. The Bible is now in the possession of the York County Historical Trust in York, PA.
It was donated to the Trust by Dr. John E. B. Ziegler of Eau Clair, Wisconsin.



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