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  We are always seeking new information on the descendents of Hans Georg Ziegler. As well, we want to correct errors and omissions from the large file we administer. If you have information useful to this project please contact us at the Email address found below.

  The authors of the book stemming from the Project are Allen and Elaine Ziegler. They can be reached via Email at the following:

Hand Georg Ziegler's Progress Second Edition

Hans Georg Ziegler’s Progress 1622-2007
By Allen & Elaine Ziegler

  The Third Edition of Hans Georg Ziegler’s Progress 1622-2007 is now available for purchase from the Authors.  This volume is packed with over 400 pages of genealogical data. Over 100 photographs and many insightful stories covering Hans Georg Ziegler’s descendants in America.  Georg Philip, Hans Georg’s thirteenth child, traveled to America, with his family in 1727.  They were the first Ziegler’s in York County, PA. 

  Included in this volume:

  • A photo of the Ships List for the “William and Sarah” showing “Philip Sigler” (phonetic spelling) and his 5-1/2 freights (his family)
  • A photo of the Oath of Allegiance sworn by Philip Zigler (phonetic spelling).
  • Photos of the modern village of Weiler in Germany including the vineyards once tilled by the Ziegler family beneath Castle Steinsberg.  Also pictured is the village church in Weiler. 
  • A modern photo of the Ziegler home on the Barrens of Jericho in York County, PA along with a close up photo of the date stone in the eaves of that home. 
  • A modern photo of Bott’s Cemetery, a small church cemetery where many early Ziegler’s are buried, is shown.   There is also a listing of all burials at Bott’s Cemetery.
  • Photos of the Ziegler Bible, purchased by Johann Philip Ziegler in 1740 with an English translation of all entries until those entries ended in1804.
  • Family member individual photos number over 100.  With the earliest photos dated to about 1861.
  • Other photos in the book continue throughout the generations up to today. 

  The book is an invaluable resource for genealogists or anyone with the surname of Ziegler, Zeigler or Zigler.  The book’s value may be incalculable, but the price is only $38.00 including shipping via media mail to any state in the US.



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